Top 10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day in Australia

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day in Australia

Here are our ideas for our loyal customers in Australia to help you choose the right present for Father's Day, whatever your budget. We have an array of special gifts at different price points for him to treasure and as we can ship pretty much anywhere in the world within 3-5 days, last minute panics are a thing of the past. 


1. Watch Box 3- £139

We have found that the Watch Box Three is a very popular gift with its decorative stitching on the lid and shiny chrome clasp to keep Dad's belongings secure. We can emboss the lid with something like a date or initials to make your gift unique and personal. 



2. Leather Coin Tray- £48  

Change, house keys and glasses are always easy to loose, so Dad can keep his belongings safe in our beautifully simple Leather Coin Tray which also can be personalised.



3. Hip Flask-£39 

Why not give your Dad something to take on his fishing trips? A Leather Hip Flask will fit perfectly in his pocket and when you give it to him, the embossed mini tag will make it extra special. 


4. Leather Pen Box- £65

We can emboss the Leather Pen Box with a short message like 'No. 1 Dad'. When Dad is stuck working long hours, make his days special with this loving gift.


5. Chess Board- £320 

Challenge your Dad to a game of Chess or Backgammon with our beautiful conker leather sets. 



6. Pen Pot- £39

Emboss the pen pot with a word or date unique to you and dad so that when he looks across his desk he'll have a momento of your love. 


7. Cufflink Box with Six Sections- £125

Our cufflink boxes can be embossed with your Dad's name and are perfect for him to keep all his cufflinks safely in one place. They come in conker and ink blue leather.


8. Mini Book Mark- £20 

As Dad finishes the latest chapter in his book he can have a little reminder of how much he means to you with this mini book mark


9. Bottle Opener-£29 

A leather bottle opener that can come with a personalised tag is a smart and useful present for your Dad. You can share a drink with him too!


 10. Drinks Box- £495

The ultimate indulgent treat to spoil your Dad is the Drinks Box. With ice bucket, bottle opener, corkscrew and 9 metal cups, he will be set for celebrating his big day.

 We have many other gift ideas on our website and whatever you choose for your Dad we hope you are lucky enough to spend some time together this Father's Day.

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