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In these days of connecting through the power of technology, it does seem that letter writing has become an archaic practice.

My young son (someone I mostly have to bribe to get him to put pen to paper), recently had great pleasure in sending a close family friend a note, along with a present. The letter he wrote meant so much to her and she responded by sending a handwritten reply back to him.  He was overawed to receive this and it made me think of the many reasons why this should become a regular occurrence for all of us.


Letter writing is a mindful activity, more important than ever in these socially restricted times, it can be very therapeutic and allows you time away from the screen, something we all need these days.

As handwriting takes more time than an email or text to write, you’re more likely to think about what you are writing, it becomes more personal and meaningful and something that can be treasured forever.

Doing something nice makes you feel happy and what’s better than getting something personal from a loved one. Receiving a letter in the mail and touching the words that someone you aren’t physically able to see has taken the time to write and send to you, immediately lifts your spirits and makes you feel happy.

There are reasons why we love personal letters, and why we might keep a special letter. It could be for the words expressed, hand drawn pictures or memories, or it’s simply a connection to someone: Knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of you and has taken the time to reach out and connect with you.


I shall be taking the time to get my pen and paper out and write to some of my oldest friends telling them how much I miss them and sharing some long-forgotten memories with them, I’m hoping that my son will join me.  And let’s face it we could all do with a little bit of reconnection at the moment and its 100% better than another bill dropping on the doormat.

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