10 Ways To Make Your Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

Originating in the United States, Father’s Day was first celebrated in the early 20th century, and was created to complement Mother’s Day. Here at Life of Riley, we know how difficult gift buying can be, so we have put together a list of the top 10 ways to make your Dad feel special on Father’s Day.

Breakfast in Bed

The perfect way to start! As the phrase states, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! There is, perhaps, nothing more heart warming than waking up to witness a lovely breakfast, knowing that someone has been hard at work cooking for you. Little acts of appreciation like this go a long way, and sometimes a thoughtful gift can be even better than a financial gesture.

A thoughtful message

It is easy to simply purchase a card and sign it, but a little message inside a card can make a huge difference. Writing a message in your Father’s Day card is the perfect way to make your Dad feel that little bit more special! Take the opportunity, and thank your Dad for everything he has done for you, or maybe simply tell him why he is so special to you.

A new gadget

Stereotypically, men love gadgets. Big or small, a gadget can be exciting and fun, and using them can be an escape from a hectic lifestyle. This 9-function tool pen is the perfect gift for any man who loves DIY, with a built in screwdriver and spirit level, this pen is every man’s dream!


Somewhere to write his thoughts and plans

A notebook for writing and drawing can be a lovely gift to receive. It can be the perfect place to organise thoughts and ideas, a Dad’s mind is full with to-do lists.


Something personalised

Getting a gift personalised for your Dad shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to put a smile on his face! A personalised gift is just that little bit more special, and can make an item feel even more luxurious.

Personlised GiftPersonalised Gift

Something fun

Fun presents are often the best presents, and this little toy camper van pen stand is no exception. Perfect for any Dad who is a big kid, it has a built in friction motor, making it a neat executive desk toy.

Pen Holder

Take him out for a meal

Go somewhere special, maybe to his favourite restaurant, and give him a wonderful food treat. This is also the perfect opportunity to take the time to talk to your Dad, spending time with loved ones is always time well spent.

Dinner AcessoriesNapkin rings

Something to remind him of you

Something that he can wear every day is the perfect little reminder of you. These tweed cufflinks would put you right on his sleeve, so that every time he sees them he is instantly reminded of you.


Something practical

Most Dad’s place a high value on practicality, so by buying him a watch box like this one, you can’t go wrong! If your Dad loves watches, he will certainly love this little box.

Watch Box

A thank-you

We have saved the best until last, by far the most thoughtful gift you can give your Dad this Father’s Day is a thank you. Telling him that you appreciate all of the little things he does, just might make his year.

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