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Enamel Mug Set Of Two - Eggshell

Sale price£ 25.00

This set of two enamel cups in  an eggshell's creamy white color and speckled texture indeed add a touch of elegance to any table setting. The combination of the speckled enameled surface and hand-finished baked stainless steel trim creates a charming aesthetic reminiscent of rustic outdoor adventures. The bronze-like patina finish adds character and uniqueness to each piece, making them stand out while still forming a cohesive set.

This set's versatility makes it perfect for various occasions, from casual outdoor gatherings to more formal dining settings. Whether you're enjoying a meal in the wilderness or hosting a dinner party in your backyard, Eggshell's durable and stylish design will surely make your dishes pop and enhance the overall dining experience.

Enamel Mug Set Of Two - Eggshell - Life of Riley
Enamel Mug Set Of Two - Eggshell Sale price£ 25.00

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