Leather Bar Tools And Drawer Organiser

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 This six piece bar tool collection includes:  A leather handled corkscrew, a bottle opener, a spirit measure, ice tongs, spoon and a garnish knife plus a leather organsier to store and show them when they are not in use.


Size & Info


Bottle Opener 2 x 21 x 5cm (H/W/D)

Corkscrew 2 x 4.5 x 11.5cm (H/W/D)

Garnish Knife 2.5 x 21 x 5cm (H/W/D)

Ice Tong  15 x 3 x 4.5cm (H/W/D)

Spirit Measure 25 x 9 x 35cm (H/W/D)

Spoon 30 x 2.5cm (H/Dia)

Drawer Organsier 5 x 29 x 30cm (H/W/D)


Bottle Opener 265g

Corkscrew 65g

Garnish Knife 120g

Ice Tongs 50g

Spirit Measure 100g

Spoon 100g

Drawer Organiser 910g

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Leather and stainless steel with nickel coating