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Keep your bottles of wine and champagne perfectly chilled with our wine cooler or champagne bath, ideal for any gathering. Get creative with our mixology box, drinks case, or drinks box. And let's not forget our essential ice bucket with a convenient lid to eliminate trips to the freezer and keep the party going. And for a touch of elegance, our champagne cooler filled with ice cubes is a must have for all your social events.

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Leather Wine Cooler - Life of RileyLeather Wine Cooler - Life of Riley
{ "Name": "Leather Wine Cooler", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-wine-cooler", "Price": "£ 99.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6510947207, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-wine-cooler-424912.jpg?v=1715356526" }
Leather Wine Cooler
Sale price£ 99.00
Leather Ice Bucket - Life of RileyLeather Ice Bucket - Life of Riley
{ "Name": "Leather Ice Bucket", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-ice-bucket", "Price": "£ 199.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 4350462727, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-ice-bucket-428270.jpg?v=1715356505" }
Leather Ice Bucket
Sale price£ 199.00
Leather Celebration Wine Cooler Gift - Life of RileyLeather Celebration Wine Cooler Gift - Life of Riley
{ "Name": "Leather Celebration Wine Cooler Gift", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/wedding-wine-cooler-set", "Price": "£ 135.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 10902483860, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-celebration-wine-cooler-gift-454693.png?v=1715356428" }
Leather Handled Large Champagne Bath - Life of RileyLeather Handled Large Champagne Bath - Life of Riley
{ "Name": "Leather Handled Large Champagne Bath", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-handled-large-champagne-bath", "Price": "£ 249.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7269447499865, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-handled-large-champagne-bath-461247.jpg?v=1715356438" }
Leather Drinks Box - Life of RileyLeather Drinks Box - Life of Riley
{ "Name": "Leather Drinks Box", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-drinks-box", "Price": "£ 495.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7730968135, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-drinks-box-873347.jpg?v=1715356439" }
Leather Drinks Box
Sale price£ 495.00
Leather Mixology Box - Life of RileyLeather Mixology Box - Life of Riley
{ "Name": "Leather Mixology Box", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-mixology-box", "Price": "£ 795.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6783603343449, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-mixology-box-619231.jpg?v=1715356512" }
Leather Mixology Box
Sale price£ 795.00
Leather Drinks Case - Life of RileyLeather Drinks Case - Life of Riley
{ "Name": "Leather Drinks Case", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-drinks-case", "Price": "£ 795.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 4761164709977, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-drinks-case-463355.jpg?v=1715356435" }
Leather Drinks Case
Sale price£ 795.00
Nickel Champagne Cooler - Life of RileyNickel Champagne Cooler - Life of Riley
{ "Name": "Nickel Champagne Cooler", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/wine-cooler", "Price": "£ 149.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 4277100039, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/nickel-champagne-cooler-962670.jpg?v=1715356567" }
Nickel Champagne Cooler
Sale price£ 149.00