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Caring FOr Your product


Leather Products

All measurements are approximate and as all items are handmade they may vary a little. The leather boxes are made from a wooden construction and then covered in leather. If you would like more information about how your product is constructed please contact us.

The conker and dark chocolate brown leather collection is made from natural buffalo hide, is hand crafted and hand stained in India, the journals are manufactured in Italy.

There will be slight variations in colour, texture and markings which we believe adds to the item's beauty and individual character and is the nature of a natural product. It is not unusual for the leather to have darker scratches, marks and veining. If you would like to see your item before it is personalised please ask us to send you a photo of the gift we have selected for you, as personalised orders are non cancellable.

Caring For Your Leather

If you are applying any leather care products to the item, try it first on a discrete area of the box.  

Lightly dust regularly to prevent premature wear.  

Care for your leather by keeping it away from prolonged heat and sunlight. Blot away any spills immediately with a clean dry cloth and do not use artificial heat such as a hair dryer to dry the leather, always let it dry naturally.  Dust lightly.

Avoid sitting on large items like the trunks for a prolonged period as this may cause distortion to the frame. As an occasional table the maximum weight the butler tray table can carry on the legs is 10kg.


Leather Mini Desk Clock

To remove the clock casing for battery replacement, slide the flat end of a medium sized flat bladed screwdriver between the metal bezel of the outer clock face and the leather surround, gently lift upwards to remove the complete clock assembly. 

On the back of the case there is a groove between the main body and back cover plate. Use the screwdriver blade to pry the two halves apart, again the halves are a slight interference fit so little force is required. 

The battery can be seen in the main body of the clock, there is a small spring tab that secures the battery insitu. Use a watchmaker’s screwdriver to move the tab away from the battery. The battery will be released and can be removed. Fit a new type 364a button cell or LR626 battery by gently reinserting into the to the clock. NOTE the + side of the battery should face upwards. Ensure the spring tab locates over the top of the battery to secure it.  Check to confirm the clock is now ticking. 

 Refitting the back clock cover – NOTE there is a semi-circular cut-out for the winding hand, ensure this is aligned before you press the back cover fully home.  Refit the clock casing by pressing it gently into the leather case. 

To change the time please follow the instructions in the first paragraph, once removed you will see the winder for altering the time on the left hand side.

We offer a chargeable service to replace the battery for more details click here.


Waxed Canvas

Taking care of the fabric is essential to ensure your product lasts over time. Regular cleaning will help protect your product from premature wear and deep stains.

To maintain your waxed canvas washing machines, detergents, aggressive scrubbing and dry cleaning should be avoided, as they cause degradation of the wax that protects the canvas and would damage the leather parts.

To clean the waxed canvas lay the product on a flat surface, dampen a sponge with warm water, gently rub the stain and allow to dry naturally. In the case of a stubborn stain you may need to use a specialist waxed canvas soap, take a dab of the soap on your sponge, lather with lukewarm water and rub in a gentle circular motion. Rinse off and allow to dry. You can purchase fabric wax bar here.

Depending on the frequency of use you may need to rewax your product, we advise you use a specialist product for this and follow the manufacturers instructions.