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Looking to plan a picnic or invite friends for a get-together? Our collection of indoor and outdoor entertainment essentials will elevate your experience. From luxurious alfresco lunches to glamorous camping trips, add some excitement to your gathering with a game of chess, backgammon, cards or dominoes.

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Round leather conker brown coasters with holderSet of six round leather coasters personalised in a persoanlised leather holder a perfect home warming gift
{ "Name": "Leather Coasters \u0026 Holder - Round", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather_coasters", "Price": "£ 75.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6510953927, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/round-leather-coasters.jpg?v=1678522150" }
Large oblong tray with curved edges, great for console tableLeather oblong tray, large tray with cut out handles shown with two glasses and bottle of wine
{ "Name": "Leather Display Tray", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather_display_tray", "Price": "£ 175.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6510946311, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/large-leather-oblong-tray.jpg?v=1678790597" }
Leather Display Tray
Sale price£ 175.00
Leather square conker brown coasters
{ "Name": "Square Leather Coasters \u0026 Holder", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/square-leather-coasters-holder", "Price": "£ 75.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7470984986713, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-coasters-and-holder-square_e8f99c60-dfb3-4738-a7bb-3b642fbdde98.jpg?v=1704470986" }
Navy Waxed canvas cool bagWaxed canvas cool bag in brown with the zip top open to show the inside
{ "Name": "Waxed Canvas Cool Bag - Insulated For Hot Food Too", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/waxed-canvas-cool-bag", "Price": "£ 79.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 79.00", "ProductID": 4755464159321, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/navy-waxed-canvas-cool-bag.jpg?v=1678524626" }
Waxed Canvas Tote BagWaxed canvas tote bag in navy
{ "Name": "Waxed Canvas Tote Bag", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/waxed-canvas-tote-bag", "Price": "£ 49.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 4758057222233, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/tote-bag-orange-ls3.jpg?v=1700042249" }
Waxed Canvas Tote Bag
Sale price£ 49.00
Waxed canvas lunch cool bag with leather strap and buckleWaxed Canvas Lunch Bag
{ "Name": "Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/waxed-canvas-lunch-cool-bag", "Price": "£ 39.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 4788450459737, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/navylunchbag.jpg?v=1704373120" }
Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag
Sale price£ 39.00
Hare Napkin On PlateSet of six boxed hare cotton napkins
{ "Name": "Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Hare Design", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/cotton-napkins-hare-design", "Price": "£ 45.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7312108257369, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/LottieDay_TableArrangements_SQUARE-2.jpg?v=1690188033" }
Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Mixed VegetablesCarrot Napkin from set of six mixed vegtables
{ "Name": "Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Mixed Vegetables", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/cotton-napkins-set-of-six-mixed-vegtables", "Price": "£ 45.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7313190289497, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/MixedVegtableNapkins.png?v=1708517373" }
Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Fish DesignSet of six boxed multicoloured fish design napkins
{ "Name": "Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Fish Design", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/cotton-napkins-set-of-six-fish-design", "Price": "£ 45.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7313190846553, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Fish-napkin-blue.png?v=1711030044" }
Rattan Napkin HolderRattan Napkin Holder
{ "Name": "Rattan Napkin Holder", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/rattan-napkin-holder", "Price": "£ 37.50", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7291603845209, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Rattan-Napkin-Holder-with-napkins-co.jpg?v=1687982385" }
Rattan Napkin Holder
Sale price£ 37.50
Personalised leather playing card and dice box playing cards with family
{ "Name": "Leather Personalised Card \u0026 Dice Box", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/personalised-leather-playing-card-and-dice-box", "Price": "£ 120.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 2089060171865, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/playing_card_and_dice_box_complete.jpg?v=1617111146" }
Handcrafted leather chess board, showing the board and the chess pieces on top of the leather carry cacseLeather chess board with pieces in play
{ "Name": "Leather Handcrafted Chess Board, Case \u0026 Pieces", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/handmade-leather-chess-board", "Price": "£ 399.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 11434531156, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/chess_board.jpg?v=1610622325" }
Personalised Leather dominoes box gift set, open to show the inside of the box and included dominoespersonalised conker brown leather dominoes box
{ "Name": "Leather Personalised Dominoes Box. Includes A Set Of Double Six Dominoes", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/personalised-leather-dominoes-box", "Price": "£ 139.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 2089058402393, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/domino_box.jpg?v=1557831319" }
Leather Backgammon Set open with leather dice shaker.Leather backgammon open for family games night
{ "Name": "Leather Backgammon Set", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/backgammon-board", "Price": "£ 399.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 420243046431, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/backgammon.jpg?v=1631530668" }
Leather Backgammon Set
Sale price£ 399.00
conker brown hip flask in usetimeless conker brown leather hip flask
{ "Name": "Leather Hip Flask", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-hip-flask", "Price": "£ 39.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6510950791, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/LOR_JULY_2020_3176.jpg?v=1632408450" }
Leather Hip Flask
Sale price£ 39.00
Selection of matchesLuxury Matches - Multiple Designs To Choose From
{ "Name": "Luxury Matches - Multiple Designs To Choose From", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/luxury-matches", "Price": "£ 8.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7311592226905, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Luxury-Mathes-square.png?v=1689079629" }
candle snuffer with leather handleCandle snuffer with leather handle cut out
{ "Name": "Leather Handled Candle Snuffer", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-candle-snuffer", "Price": "£ 49.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 4505814466649, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/LOR_APRIL_20201883.jpg?v=1588079300" }
Ultimate leather place setting for six, showing placemats,  tealight holders (3), and candle snuffer. There is also a nickel and leather champagne cooler show in the picture.Ultimate leather place setting shown with plates on a place mat, napkin's in holders tealight with light candle and leather handles corkscrew.
{ "Name": "Ultimate Leather Place Setting For Six", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/ultimate-leather-place-setting-for-6", "Price": "£ 599.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6803043942489, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/placesettingxmas_3e7a46d9-bbcb-4166-b81e-3b3d2b65b447.jpg?v=1631703792" }
Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Red Robin DesignCotton Napkins - Set of Six - Red Robin Design
{ "Name": "Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Red Robin Design", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/cotton-napkins-set-of-six-robin-design", "Price": "£ 45.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7416587583577, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Cotton-Napkins-Set-Of-Six-Red-Robin-Open-Cutout.jpg?v=1711029052" }
Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - DahliaSet of six Dahila Napkins
{ "Name": "Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Dahlia", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/cotton-napkins-set-of-six-purple-dahlia", "Price": "£ 45.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7506090688601, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/PurpleDahliaNapkins.jpg?v=1708519300" }
Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Garden VegetablesCotton Napkins - Set of Six - Garden Vegetables
{ "Name": "Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Garden Vegetables", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/cotton-napkins-set-of-six-garden-vegtables", "Price": "£ 45.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7506112184409, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/GardenVegNapkins.jpg?v=1708520206" }
Out Of Stocknickel champagne cooler filled with icenickel wine cooler for champagne
{ "Name": "Nickel Champagne Cooler", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/wine-cooler", "Price": "£ 149.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 4277100039, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/nickel_wine_cooler.jpg?v=1655288097" }
Nickel Champagne Cooler
Sale price£ 149.00
{ "Name": "Enamel Bowl Set In Eggshell - Set Of Two Bowls", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/enamel-bowl-set-in-eggshell-set-of-two-bowls-1", "Price": "£ 25.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7557121179737, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/ENAMEL-BOWL-SET-EGSHELL-01.jpg?v=1712220431" }