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Coasters & Placemats

Leather bound coasters or placemats make a lovely gift. Why should a mat protecting a precious surface not be beautiful too.

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Round leather conker brown coasters with holderSet of six round leather coasters personalised in a persoanlised leather holder a perfect home warming gift
{ "Name": "Leather Coasters \u0026 Holder - Round", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather_coasters", "Price": "£ 75.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6510953927, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/round-leather-coasters.jpg?v=1678522150" }
leather wine bottle coaster  holding a wine bottle with a wine glass on the coastersWine bottle coaster holder with wine bottle, wine glass sitting on a coaster
{ "Name": "Leather Wine Bottle Coaster With Six Leather Coasters", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-wine-bottle-holder-and-coasters", "Price": "£ 99.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 4449399177305, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/winecoastersred.jpg?v=1602852724" }
Leather square conker brown coasters
{ "Name": "Square Leather Coasters \u0026 Holder", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/square-leather-coasters-holder", "Price": "£ 75.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 7470984986713, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/leather-coasters-and-holder-square_e8f99c60-dfb3-4738-a7bb-3b642fbdde98.jpg?v=1704470986" }
leather round single coaster with glass filled with water and iceRound leather coaster with coffee time embossed
{ "Name": "Leather Single Coaster", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather-coaster", "Price": "£ 22.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 10324864458, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/Roundleathercoastersinconkerbrown.jpg?v=1620299527" }
Leather Single Coaster
Sale price£ 22.00
Leather Celebration Wine Cooler GiftConker brown leather wine cooler celebration gift set with matching pair of personalised square coasters
{ "Name": "Leather Celebration Wine Cooler Gift", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/wedding-wine-cooler-set", "Price": "£ 135.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 10902483860, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/files\/Celebrationwinecooler.png?v=1701430780" }
Leather placemat set up as a place settingSquare leather placemat in conker
{ "Name": "Leather Placemat", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather_place_mat", "Price": "£ 59.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6510953735, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/PlacematSetting.jpg?v=1662383468" }
Leather Placemat
Sale priceFrom £ 59.00
Ultimate leather place setting for six, showing placemats,  tealight holders (3), and candle snuffer. There is also a nickel and leather champagne cooler show in the picture.Ultimate leather place setting shown with plates on a place mat, napkin's in holders tealight with light candle and leather handles corkscrew.
{ "Name": "Ultimate Leather Place Setting For Six", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/ultimate-leather-place-setting-for-6", "Price": "£ 599.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6803043942489, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/placesettingxmas_3e7a46d9-bbcb-4166-b81e-3b3d2b65b447.jpg?v=1631703792" }