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Sustainability Policy

 We believe in actively reducing waste and minimising consumption by crafting beautiful, life-lasting pieces that are not trend-led and will stand the test of time. We are dedicated to sustainable and ethical production and practices with a zero-waste approach. 

Here are some of the things we do towards being a sustainable business:

  • Our commitment to designing and selling a collection of quality heirloom home accessories and gifts that have longevity and are not part of a throw away culture
  • We source sustainable packaging and reuse packaging materials wherever possible to minimise our impact on the environment. This applies to both our housekeeping and in the process of sourcing and creating our own designs and the additional materials we use to dispatch parcels to our customers.
  • We provide recycling bins throughout the building in both working and social areas and actively encourage our team to recycle reuse and avoid unnecessary use of water and electricity whenever possible.
  • Products that are not suitable for resale in our outlet collection we donate to Royal Trinity Hospice charity shop in London. In March 2022 the sale of our donated goods raised over £700 for the charity. Shop their online shops here
  • The courier DHL we use to deliver your order is taking steps to improve their carbon footprint. You can find out more here
  • We are switching to energy generated from a Biomass by Summer 2022. The team are trained to comply with our policy on energy useage. We have LED lights in our office and warehouse, we promote switching off lights, reducing the temperature on the thermostat in the office, closing doors and turning off equipment at the socket.
  • We have shared kitchen supplies with another company to reduce our consumption of packaging and waste. Lunch is brought in from home in resuable containers.
  • Work trips we encourage using the train and staying overnight to minimise travel.
  • Flexible working and working from home
  • We are supporting Carma by raising funds to plant trees in the UK. Our aim is to plant at least 50 trees annually and we also have an option for customers to donate too at checkout. £5 plants a tree in UK. Rewards.Earth, an organisation who are focused on the reforestation of the planet through empowering local communities around the world. In the UK, Rewards.Earth collaborate with the Green Task Force to help reintegrate our ex-servicemen into society through vocational training. This incredible work not only gives each veteran a recognised qualification and route to employment, it also aids their recovery from PTSD and other conflict related issues through Nature Based Therapy. Find out more here