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Gifts £50 & Under

A birthday, anniversary or a wedding? Perhaps a new job, new home or new baby? Choose a special gift according to your desired price range.

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leather memento  box openPair of leather memento keepsake boxes, smaller box open with pens and cufflinks
Leather Memento Box - Small
Sale price$64.00 USD
Four metal shot cups in a leather cae, great for outdoor pursuitsFour metal stirrup cups presented in a leather case with stud popppers to close
candle snuffer with leather handleCandle snuffer with leather handle cut out
Leather Handled Candle Snuffer
Sale price$64.00 USD
bee-gift-setBee Gift Set
Bee Gift Set
Sale price$59.00 USD
Fish Cotton NapkinSet-of-six-fish-cotton-napkins-boxed
Puffin-gift-setPuffin Gift Set
Puffin Gift Set
Sale price$59.00 USD
BBQ Tools - Set Of Three
BBQ Tools - Set Of Three
Sale price$65.00 USD
Wood chopping board largeWood Chopping Board - Large
Wood Chopping Board - Large
Sale price$59.00 USD
Out Of StockRattan Forage basket with kneelerRattan Forage Basket
Rattan Forage Basket
Sale price$65.00 USD
leather watch box with chrome claspexample of personalisation on conker watch box with chrome clasp
Leather square pen pot holding pens, pencils and brushesConker brown round leather pen pot with two pencils
Leather stud keepsake box in conker brown personalised with 21 years, a perfect anniversay or celebration gift.Leather stud keepsake box in conker brown closed
Leather Stud Keepsake Box
Sale price$64.00 USD
Cotton Napkins - Set of Six - Mixed VegetablesCotton Napkins - Set of Six - Mixed Vegetables
Hare Napkin On PlateSet of Six Cotton Hare Napkins
Rectangle-mango-wood-serving-boardRectangle Mango Wood Serving Board
leather handled spirit measure
Leather Spirit Measure
Sale price$59.00 USD
Leather long spoon for cocktails
Leather Handled Long Spoon
Sale price$59.00 USD
leather handled ice scoop
Leather Ice Scoop
Sale price$59.00 USD
Round woos chopping boardRound Chopping board cut out
Round Wood Chopping Board - Two Sizes
Sale priceFrom $52.00 USD
Retro-leather-hip-flaskRetro Leather Hip Flask Cutout
Retro Leather Hip Flask
Sale price$51.00 USD
Japanese ApronJapanese Apron
Japanese Apron
Sale price$51.00 USD
Leather Handled Garnish Knife
Leather Handled Garnish Knife
Sale price$51.00 USD
leather handled ice tong
Leather Ice Tong
Sale price$51.00 USD
Waxed canvas lunch cool bag with leather strap and buckleKhaki waxed canvas lunch cool bag with leather strap and buckle
Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag
Sale price$51.00 USD
closed waxed canvas toiletry bag in mustard canvasWaxed Canvas Toiletry Bag
Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag
Sale price$51.00 USD
Leather handled letter openerLetter opener with magnifying glass
Leather Handled Letter Knife
Sale price$51.00 USD
conker brown hip flask in usetimeless conker brown leather hip flask
Leather Hip Flask
Sale price$51.00 USD
Leather handled bottle opener in conker brown, opening bottle of beerLeather handled bottle opener in conker brown
Leather Bottle Opener
Sale price$51.00 USD
BBQ-Tray Set Of Two
BBQ Tray - Set Of Two
Sale price$49.00 USD
Waxed canvas lap top bag in khaki with open laptop being taken outWaxed Canvas Laptop sleeve in khaki on desk with lap top
Waxed Canvas Laptop Sleeve - 13" & 15"
Sale priceFrom $49.00 USD
Mixed Vegetable cotton tea towel set of threeMixed vegetable cotton tea towel in box
Leaf brass napkin ring set of fourleaf brass napkin ring close up
Brass Leaf Place Card Holders - Set Of Four
Set of six metal stackable cups
Metal Cups. Set Of Eight
Sale price$46.00 USD
Woven Belt Pink Blue Stripe
Woven Belt - Rich Pink Stripe
Sale price$46.00 USD
Woven Belt Blue Green Stripe
Stainless steel eco friendly water bottleStainless steel water bottle being used for steaming hot drinks
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Sale price$42.00 USD
Retro Alarm Clock OrangeRetro Alarm Clock Orange Askew
Retro Alarm Clock - Orange
Sale price$39.00 USD
Out Of StockRetro alarm clock blackRetro  Alarm Clock black askew
Retro Alarm Clock - Black
Sale price$39.00 USD
Set of two conker brown luggage tags personalised on one lineConker brown personlised leather luggage tag on suitcase
Leather Luggage Tag
Sale price$39.00 USD
Twin Bell Silent Sweep Analogue Alarm Clock - Pistachio Green
twin bell alarm clock blush pink lifestyleTwin bell alarm clock blush pink
Twin bell alarm clock matte black Twin bell alarm clock matte black askew
leather earring box open, with a pair of earrings small earring boxes open in dark  chocolate brown and conker brown
Leather Earring Box
Sale price$38.00 USD
pair of leather mini cufflink boxesleather earring mini cufflink box
Leather Mini Cufflink Box
Sale price$38.00 USD
Conker brown leather business card holder Leather Business Card Holder
Leather Business Card Holder
Sale price$38.00 USD
Twine stand with cutter next to string tidy with scissorsTwine Stand With Cutter
Twine Stand With Cutter
Sale price$33.00 USD
Garden KneelerGarden Kneeler
Garden Kneeler
Sale price$33.00 USD