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Umbrella Holders

Our classic umbrella and stick holders, in gorgeous conker coloured leather, feature stitched seams and decorative handles perfect to enhance any hallway, whether used alone or as a pair.   A superb housewarming gift and a long-lasting heirloom for any style of home, whether in the town or country, they can be personalised by attaching a luggage tag with a house name or a significant date.

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Leather umbrella holder with personalised leather luggage tag attached to the handleleather umbrella holder with stick holder on the left
{ "Name": "Leather Umbrella Holder", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather_umbrella_holder", "Price": "£ 249.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6510944007, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/umbrella_holder_with_tag.jpg?v=1525785824" }
Leather Umbrella Holder
Sale price£ 249.00
leather stick holderLeather stick holder with handles
{ "Name": "Leather Stick Holder", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/leather_stick_holder", "Price": "£ 199.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 6510943943, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/leather-stick-holder.jpg?v=1678954519" }
Leather Stick Holder
Sale price£ 199.00
hallway set includes leather stickholder and umbrella holder, shown in hallway with leather chest and leather lamp base showing in the bakgroundLeather hallway set, leather umbrella and smaller leather stick holder
{ "Name": "Leather Hallway Set: Umbrella Holder \u0026 Matching Stick Holder", "URL": "https:\/\/\/products\/hallway-set", "Price": "£ 425.00", "CompareAtPrice": "£ 0.00", "ProductID": 2119444398169, "Brand": "Life of Riley", "ImageURL": "https:\/\/\/cdn\/shop\/products\/hallwayset.jpg?v=1631190882" }