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For Her

Desirable gifting ideas include beautiful baskets, bags and boxes, deliciously scented soaps and delightful home accessories that would be gratefully received.

Many of our gifts can be personalised to add that extra special touch, we can also gift wrap most presents and enclose a gift receipt, with your message handwritten on a cream card and sent directly to the recipient.


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    Save 6%leather memory box domed lid and toggle closeleather memory box with letters
    Leather Memory Box
    Sale price$315.00 USD Regular price$334.00 USD
    Save 16%Leather storage basket with integrated handles and curved linesLeather storage / magazine basket with two handles shown in the living room with books in.
    Leather Curved Storage Basket
    Sale price$193.00 USD Regular price$231.00 USD
    Leather jewellery organiser showing with the lid open and three bottom drawers open the two top draers are closed lLeather jewellery organiser with the lid and drawers closed, showing the handles to the size
    Leather Jewellery Organiser
    Sale price$579.00 USD
    Leather stud keepsake box in conker brown personalised with 21 years, a perfect anniversay or celebration gift.Leather stud keepsake box in conker brown closed
    Leather Stud Keepsake Box
    Sale price$64.00 USD
    Save 17%Conker Brown Leather Small Jewellery Box open Leather small personalised jewellery box with inner personalised tiny round box
    Leather Personalised Small Jewellery Box
    Sale price$106.00 USD Regular price$128.00 USD
    Leather  photo memorabilia box closed with black and white picture.Leather photo memorabilia box open
    Leather Photo Memorabilia Box
    Sale price$128.00 USD
    leather earring box open, with a pair of earrings small earring boxes open in dark  chocolate brown and conker brown
    Leather Earring Box
    Sale price$38.00 USD
    Leather tea tray in conker brown with a tea pot and mugLeather tea tray in conker brown carrying two glasses of wine
    Leather Tea Tray
    Sale price$180.00 USD
    candle snuffer with leather handleCandle snuffer with leather handle cut out
    Leather Handled Candle Snuffer
    Sale price$64.00 USD
    Coffee tray in conker brown shown with two cups and a coffee caffitiereLeather tray  for coffeee, tea or serving breakfast in bed shown with topographic  glasss and  bowl of olives
    Leather Coffee Tray
    Sale price$128.00 USD
    Cosy gift set perfect present for a friend or a 7th Anniversay gift, contails merino wool scarf, three tealight holders and a leather coster with the option of personalisingHow the cosy gift box is presented, includes merino wool scarf, set of three tealights and round leather coaster
    Cosy Gift Box
    Sale price$167.00 USD
    Brown waxed canvas gardening bagUltimate Gardening Gift Brown Gardening Bag with Natural Colour Gardening Gloves and Tool Included Cutout
    Ultimate Gardening Gift
    Sale price$168.00 USD
    Japanese ApronJapanese Apron
    Japanese Apron
    Sale price$51.00 USD
    Waxed canvas travel set in navy with tote bag, cool bag and weekend bagUltimate Leather & Waxed Canvas Travel Set
    merino wool travel wrap navyCut out image of generous navy wool wrap
    Merino Wool Wrap In Navy
    Sale price$128.00 USD
    Super soft merino wool wrap in dark storm grey perfect for getting cosy on chillier eveningscut out of supersoft merino wool scarf in dark storm grey
    Merino Wool Wrap In Storm Grey
    Sale price$128.00 USD
    Merino wool wrap in light grey a perfect gift for travelMerino wool wrap in light grey
    Merino Wool Wrap In Light Grey
    Sale price$128.00 USD
    L'éléphant Hand Soap - Six Scents To Choose FromL'éléphant Hand Soap In box Orange and grapefruit
    Keepsake Tin - Pink Blossom Dark BlueKeepsake tin pink blossom design in dark  blue colour
    Out Of Stocklaura stoddart flat notes with multi flower design Laura Stoddart flat note with beautiful flowers in bloom illustrated on the  front
    Twin Bell Silent Sweep Analogue Alarm Clock - Pistachio Green
    twin bell alarm clock blush pink lifestyleTwin bell alarm clock blush pink
    Conker brown mouse mat and square coasterexample of personalisation on conker brownmouse mat
    Leather Mummy's Desk Set
    Sale price$93.00 USD
    puffin wash bagpuffin cosmetic bag
    Cosmetic Bag - Puffin
    Sale price$31.00 USD
    Bee canvas cottton wash bagBee Make Up BAg
    Cosmetic Bag - Bee
    Sale price$31.00 USD
    Cosmetic Bag - Pheasant
    Cosmetic Bag - Pheasant
    Sale price$31.00 USD
    A5 notebook bee designInside of notebook
    A5 Bound Notebook Bee Design
    Sale price$10.00 USD
    A5 notebook octopus designInside of notebook
    A5 Bound Notebook Mackerel Shoal DesignA5 Bound Notebook Mackerel Shoal Design
    Pheasant Note Bookk A5Inside of notebook
    Sardine notebookInside of sardine notebook
    Puffin Note BookInside Puffin A5 Notebook
    A5 Bound Notebook Puffin Design
    Sale price$10.00 USD
    Puffin-gift-setPuffin Gift Set
    Puffin Gift Set
    Sale price$59.00 USD
    bee-gift-setBee Gift Set
    Bee Gift Set
    Sale price$59.00 USD
    Whale wash bag
    Wash Bag - Whale
    Sale price$31.00 USD
    Turtle Make Up Bag
    Wash Bag - Turtle
    Sale price$31.00 USD
    Bone china bee soap dishBee soap dish with soap
    Bumblebee Rectangular Soap Dish
    Sale price$21.00 USD
    Peony Soap DishPeony Soap Dish With Soap
    Peony Rectangular Soap Dish
    Sale price$21.00 USD
    Luxury Hand Cream & Soap SetLuxury Hand Cream & Soap Set
    Luxury Hand Cream & Soap Set
    Sale price$20.00 USD
    Twin Bell Silent Sweep Analogue Alarm Clock - Linen WhiteTwin Bell Silent Sweep Analogue Alarm Clock - Linen White
    In Full Boom Make Up BagIn Full Boom Make Up Bag
    In Full Boom Make Up Bag
    Sale price$20.00 USD
    Bee & Honeysuckle Wash BagBee & Honeysuckle Wash Bag
    Bee & Honeysuckle Wash Bag
    Sale price$30.00 USD
    Merino Wool Wrap In KhakiMerino Wool Wrap In Khaki
    Merino Wool Wrap In Khaki
    Sale price$128.00 USD
    Merino Wool Wrap In CoralMerino Wool Wrap In Coral
    Merino Wool Wrap In Coral
    Sale price$128.00 USD
    A5 Bound Notebook Turtle DesignA5 Bound Notebook Turtle Design
    A5 Bound Notebook Turtle Design
    Sale price$10.00 USD
    A5 Bound Notebook Whale DesignA5 Bound Notebook Whale Design
    A5 Bound Notebook Whale Design
    Sale price$10.00 USD