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Desk Sets

 Our desk design is crucial for concentration, everyone has a different ideal and our desk sets appeal to those who like clutter and those that crave order and neatness.
Whether it is two pieces to add to favourites already owned or a total refresh of your desk surface, by hand embossing a desk mat or a box file for example these can be great gift sets to create a lasting memento of an important birthday or celebration.

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Leather ultimate desk set
Leather Ultimate Desk Set
Sale price$967.00 USD
Leather hall desk set including letter rack, in tray and pen pot in conker brown leatherConker brown letter rack
Leather Hall Desk Set
Sale price$371.00 USD
Conker leather home office set, desk mat, a4 intray and square pen pot
Leather Home Office Set
Sale price$364.00 USD
Save 23%Conker brown leather exeutive desk set with leather box file, business card holder and square leather pen pot
Leather Executive Desk Set
Sale price$233.00 USD Regular price$303.00 USD
Large Leather desk set in conker brown set includes a leather desk mat, business card holder and your choice of square or round pen pot, shown here with A5 lined leather notebookLarge leather desk set in conker brown with leather business card holder and round leather pen pot
Leather Large Desk Set
Sale price$278.00 USD
Bureau desk set
leather desk set small
Leather Desk Set Small
Sale price$193.00 USD
Leather Daddy;s Desk Set in conker brown with the mouse mat being used with a mouse and the square coaster with a  glass on.Daddy's desk set in conker brown, leather nmouse mat embossed in corner with square single leather coaster
Leather Daddy's Desk Set
Sale price$97.00 USD
Conker business card holder with square pen pot leather mini desk set with personalised business card holder
Leather Desk Set Mini
Sale price$93.00 USD
Conker brown mouse mat and square coasterexample of personalisation on conker brownmouse mat
Leather Mummy's Desk Set
Sale price$93.00 USD