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For Him

Showcasing our most popular gifts for men and boys, in leather and waxed canvas. For an extra-special touch, add a personalised detail such as initials, a date, or a name.  We hand stamp the embossing ourselves with careful expertise to create a one-off piece that is certain to be cherished forever.

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Save 16%Leather watch box for three watches, open showing two watches insideLeather watch box for three with personalisation showing on the lid
Leather Watch Box For Three
Sale price$193.00 USD Regular price$231.00 USD
Conker leather cufflink box open to show the four compartments and faux suede liningcufflink box embossed with cufflinks to the side.
Leather Cufflink Box
Sale price$102.00 USD
Stash box in conker brown with two watch cushionsstash box closed
Leather Stash Box
Sale price$193.00 USD
Leather men's jewellery box open showing mirror and mini cufflink box that has been left plain, pull out drawer is slightly ajarMen's jewellery box closed with travel cufflink box in conker brown leather
Leather Men's Jewellery Box
Sale price$315.00 USD
Leather mens jewellery organiser with the domed lid open, shown with a leather travel cufflink box and small tiny leather boxes that can be added to personalise and create a unique bespoke giftClose up shot of the inside of the lid of the jewellery organiser showing persoanlised boxes that can be added as an extra
Leather Men's Jewellery Organiser
Sale price$579.00 USD
Leather home & away travel set in conker brown, consists of studkeep sake box, perfect for a watch, mini cufflink  box and luggage tag.Personalisation on stud box
Leather Home & Away Travel Set
Sale price$168.00 USD
Personalised leather playing card and dice box playing cards with family
Personalised Leather dominoes box gift set, open to show the inside of the box and included dominoespersonalised conker brown leather dominoes box
Leather Dice Shaker & DiceLeather Dice Shaker & Dice
Leather Dice Shaker & Dice
Sale price$51.00 USD
Leather Daddy;s Desk Set in conker brown with the mouse mat being used with a mouse and the square coaster with a  glass on.Daddy's desk set in conker brown, leather nmouse mat embossed in corner with square single leather coaster
Leather Daddy's Desk Set
Sale price$97.00 USD
Waxed canvas lap top bag in khaki with open laptop being taken outWaxed Canvas Laptop sleeve in khaki on desk with lap top
Waxed Canvas Laptop Sleeve - 13" & 15"
Sale priceFrom $49.00 USD
charcoal canvas and leather laptop bagCanvas & Leather lap top bag with leather straps
Canvas & Leather Laptop Bag
Sale price$128.00 USD
closed waxed canvas toiletry bag in mustard canvasWaxed Canvas Toiletry Bag
Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag
Sale price$51.00 USD
Leather stash tray Leather Stash Tray for the bedside
Leather Stash Tray
Sale price$77.00 USD
Out Of StockLeather ApronLeather Apron
Leather Apron
Sale price$162.00 USD
leather glove for fire, great for the fireside or BBQLeather Glove For Fires & Oven
Leather Glove For Fires & Oven
Sale price$77.00 USD
Waxed canvas and leather on a man with a leather ice bucket in the backgroundWaxed canvas and leather apron tied at the back
Waxed Canvas & Leather Apron
Sale price$128.00 USD
Brown waxed canvas gardening bagUltimate Gardening Gift Brown Gardening Bag with Natural Colour Gardening Gloves and Tool Included Cutout
Ultimate Gardening Gift
Sale price$168.00 USD
Large waxed canvas and leather log bag leather handled log bag close up
Garden KneelerGarden Kneeler
Garden Kneeler
Sale price$33.00 USD
Retro Leather Cufflink BoxRetro leather cufflink box open
Retro Leather Cufflink Box
Sale price$128.00 USD
Bamboo Sock Spotted Royal Blue
Bamboo Socks Spotted Pink
Bamboo Socks - Spotted Pink
Sale price$13.00 USD
Bamboo Sock Orange Diamond
Bamboo Socks - Orange Diamond
Sale price$13.00 USD
Bamboo Sock Tangerine Orange
Bamboo Socks - Tangerine Orange
Sale price$13.00 USD
BAmboo Socks Royal Blue
Bamboo Socks - Royal Blue
Sale price$13.00 USD
Bamboo Sock Rich Pink
Bamboo Socks - Rich Pink
Sale price$13.00 USD
Bamboo Sock Racing Green
Bamboo Socks - Racing Green
Sale price$13.00 USD
Socks in a box orange diamondSocks & Belt in a box spotted navy with blue and green stripe belt
Socks In A Box
Sale price$71.00 USD
Luggage Analogue Wall Clock BlackLuggage analogue wall clock askew
The Luggage Analogue Wall Clock
Sale price$84.00 USD
Superstore matt black wall clockSupersote matt black wall clock side view
Superstore Wall Clock
Sale price$128.00 USD
Twin bell alarm clock matte black Twin bell alarm clock matte black askew
twin bell alarm clock blush pink lifestyleTwin bell alarm clock blush pink
Out Of StockRetro alarm clock blackRetro  Alarm Clock black askew
Retro Alarm Clock - Black
Sale price$39.00 USD
Retro Alarm Clock OrangeRetro Alarm Clock Orange Askew
Retro Alarm Clock - Orange
Sale price$39.00 USD
Fred Alarm Clock Chocolate Black & CreamFred Alarm Clock Chocolate Black & Crem askew
Fred Alarm Clock Chocolate Black with Blue FaceFred Alarm Clock Chocolate black surround with blue face  askew
Large Black Numeral Wall ClockLarge Black Numeral Wall Clocl Askew
Bamboo wall clock hovercraft dial frontBamboo wall clock hovercraft dial lifestyle 2
Bamboo Wall Clock Hovercraft Dial
Sale price$110.00 USD
Belt in Box Green StripeBelt in box pink stripe
Belt In A Box
Sale price$97.00 USD
Leather pen box open with pen inside, shbown as a desk accessoryLeather pen box closed with pen on top shown on a desk as an accessory with leather memo pad holder and leather box file
Leather Pen Box
Sale price$89.00 USD
Twin Bell Silent Sweep Analogue Alarm Clock - Pistachio Green
Bamboo Socks - Choose From Seven DesignsBamboo Socks - Choose From Seven Designs
Waxed Canvas & Leather Tool RollWaxed Canvas & Leather Tool Roll
Waxed Canvas & Leather Knife RollWaxed Canvas & Leather Knife Roll
Round leather key tray for side table, shown with keys and reading glassesCut out of round leather key tray with set of house keys
Leather Key Tray
Sale price$51.00 USD
Essential Organic Cotton BeanieEssential Organic Cotton Beanie
Essential Organic Cotton Beanie
Sale price$46.00 USD