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leather memory box domed lid and toggle close Leather Memory Box

MBX1058T $361.00
Leather watch box for three watches, open showing two watches inside Leather Watch Box For Three

TWBX1093T $232.00
Leather jewellery organiser showing with the lid open and three bottom drawers open the two top draers are closed l Leather Jewellery Organiser

JO1041T $581.00
Leather jewellery box with the lid and drawer open showing the additional personalised mini box Leather Jewellery Box

CJBX1042T $297.00
Leather watch box for five watches shown open with watches in the five compartments. Leather Watch Box For Five

FWBX1095T $258.00
Leather coin / stach tray perfect for the bedside table, this gift has personalisation in the centre, inside Leather Coin Tray - Personalise The Centre

CTRY1019T $77.00
Leather square pen pot holding pens, pencils and brushes Leather Pen Pot - Round or Square Shape
$51.00 variants
Leather square pen pot holding pens, pencils and brushes Square conker brown
PPTSQ1064T $51.00
Conker brown round leather pen pot with two pencils Round conker brown
PPTR1065T $51.00
Leather stud keepsake box in conker brown personalised with 21 years, a perfect anniversay or celebration gift. Leather Stud Keepsake Box

STUDBX1078T $64.00
Conker brown leather desk mat set Leather Desk Mat

DMAT1029T $193.00
Conker leather cufflink box open to show the four compartments and faux suede lining Leather Cufflink Box

CBX1024T $116.00
Leather umbrella holder with personalised leather luggage tag attached to the handle Leather Umbrella Holder

UH1089T $323.00
Round leather conker brown coasters with holder Leather Coasters & Holder

CSTRD1021T $97.00
Conker Brown Leather Small Jewellery Box open Leather Personalised Small Jewellery Box

SJBX1047T $129.00
Leather ice bucket with leather handled ice tongs. shown with ice and the lid to one side Leather Ice Bucket

IB1039T $258.00
Leather A4 desk tray in conker brown, with letters and paper clips inside, leather conker round coaster also shown in picture Leather A4 In Tray

ITRY1040T $129.00
leather stick holder Leather Stick Holder

SH1076T $258.00
leather wine cooler in conker brown leather Leather Wine Cooler

SWC1100T $129.00
Leather handled bottle opener in conker brown, opening bottle of beer Leather Bottle Opener

BO1008T $51.00
Drinks box shown in the back of a Landrover with the bottom drawer half open to show the metail cups and the lid open showing the leather handled bar tools , metal stirrup cups in a leather case are also shown in the shot. Leather Drinks Box

DRKBX1035T $641.00
Leather  photo memorabilia box closed with black and white picture. Leather Photo Memorabilia Box

PBX1130T $129.00
leather round drinks tray Leather Round Drinks Tray

SRTRY1070T $129.00
Leather Stationery box open and full of stationery items, neatly stored sitting on top of a leather cabin trunk Leather Stationery Box - Store Open Or Closed

STATBX1077T $581.00
Large oblong tray with curved edges, great for console table Leather Display Tray

LOTRY1061T $227.00
Leather handled letter opener Leather Handled Letter Knife

LO1050T $51.00
Conker leather mouse mat Leather Mouse Mat

MMAT1059T $77.00
conker brown hip flask in use Leather Hip Flask

HF1038T $51.00
Leather pen box open with pen inside, shbown as a desk accessory Leather Pen Box

PBX1063T $90.00
Conker brown leather business card holder Leather Business Card Holder

BCH1012T $38.00
Personalised leather playing card and dice box Leather Personalised Card & Dice Box

CDBX1015T $156.00
Leather serving tray with two cut o ut handles, the tray has a bowl of crisps, two glasses and a vase of flowers on it Leather Serving Tray. Round

LRTRY1071T $193.00
Leather letter rack with letters sitting next to A4 Leather in Tray Leather Letter Rack

LR1051T $194.00
Conker brown leather cocktail shaker held by man with two glasses Leather Cocktail Shaker - Conker

COSHK1018T $123.00
Personalised Leather dominoes box gift set, open to show the inside of the box and included dominoes Leather Personalised Dominoes Box. Includes A Set Of Double Six Dominoes

DOMBX1033T $180.00
Perpetual leather block calendar perfect as a desk accessory Leather Perpetual Block Calendar. Display A Special Date When Gifted

CAL1014T $116.00
Handcrafted leather chess board, showing the board and the chess pieces on top of the leather carry cacse Leather Handcrafted Chess Board, Case & Pieces

CHESS1016T $517.00
Leather handle magnifying glass for desk Leather Handled Magnifying Glass

MG1057T $64.00
Leather drinks case with the lid open, showing the leather  handled corkscrew and bottle opener, ice and a bottle of wine in the ice bucket Leather Drinks Case

DC1034T $1,029.00
candle snuffer with leather handle Leather Handled Candle Snuffer

CS1102T $64.00
Coffee tray in conker brown shown with two cups and a coffee caffitiere Leather Coffee Tray

TRAYCF2040T $129.00
Leather square conker brown coasters Square Leather Coasters & Holder